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Only started using 3 days ago, staff have been very helpful and accommodating, little tweaks I needed on website where done promptly, easy to use software, highly recommend, polite staff, email replies within the hr, best website software value for money, Can customize your website with ease, and there is always someone available if you get stuck. Still only on Trial at present. So you will get help regardless.

A big Thanks to Staff at ZPeCommerce
Jan Gray

One Of the BEST! Great Service & Great Value

I used ZPeCommerce for a long time a few years back and now I am back with them (so happy to be back).

My partner at the time became very ill and I had to kind of put my business on a bit of a back burner, I used a freebie site until I had more time to focus on my business. Sadly my partner passed away so I decided to sell my jewellery business and start a new venture.

I have come back to ZPeCommerce and so happy that I have, the guys have been great getting my new site how I like it, always quick to help. Customer service is fantastic and so many changes have taken place within the platform itself since re-using it.

I highly recommend ZPeCommerce the software is easy to use, the software is also advancing and lots of new features added and coming.

If you are looking for a great website platform, fab value for money and great service, then use ZPeCommerce, you will not be disappointed.

Ps. I ranked high on Google when I used them previously.

Fantastic and knowledgable customer service

Fantastic and knowledgable customer service immediately responding to any queries! just what you want when setting up a site. Nothing was any trouble to them. Many thanks.
Alex Marjanovic

I love ZP's efficiency

It makes all the difference to me movng my business forward. A simple beautiful platform with professional backup for bespoke design and tech knowledge... dream come true!

Many thanks!
Michelle Morden

One of the very best in the world!

One of the very best in the world!! Highly professional with a human touch! I was basically held hostage by web designers who confused little me for Gucci! Only regret is, i did not find these great guys sooner!! Awesome service all round, respond to emails swiftly, doing every thing possible to moving your business forward!! I would recommend them in a heartbeat!!!
Mo Okon

Fantastic service and helpful in every way ...

Fantastic service and helpful in every step along the way. I highly recommend ZpeCommerce as a totally professional ecommerce solution for any small business as the templates are excellent and can easily be customized to make it your own. I applaud you all the Team at ZPecommerce!... No reservations in recommending your company... A1 *****

Best Regards

Well there is very little that I can say ...

Well there is very little that I can say that has not already been said in the other reviews! I was a total ecommerce newbie and because zpecommerce is such an easy platform to use, the web side of my business was up and running in a heartbeat. Add to that the incredible low cost of this platform, the OUTSTANDING customer support and you have one truly fantastic package right there. What are you waiting for? :)
Sarah Short

I have been in ecommerce since 2012, I was previously with a different company and back in 2016 I went looking for a better platform as the company I was with was so expensive and I didn't have enough product slot to display everything that we sell. I contacted zpecommerce and asked a few questions to begin with regarding switching over to them, packages, prices, ease of use etc. If I was going to change platforms I wanted something that would be straight forward but would help me along the way if I got stuck. I initially started with a trial store so I could start the migration of my products and play around with the software and see how I felt about it to get a better idea of how the process would work. At the time I had 300 products and all the usual pages that go with running an eccommerce store, delivery details, shipping etc. I got straight forward answers to my question and anything I didn't understand I asked further and they helped me every time via email. I gave the platform a good trial run for about 4 weeks as I wanted to make sure I could work with it and it would work for me. I had been with my other platform for 4 years so I could do everything on there in my sleep, so I was a little worried that I would be offline for a while when I decided to take the plunge to swap to zpecommerce. Now I'm not going to pretend it all went smoothly and I just had to click one button and everything magically appeared there. It still took a good week to get everything in order and put thing in categories and get it looking the way I wanted so it was at least functional until I could work on it in the background. But when I emailed often in a frantic panic they were there every time emailing me back and helping me to put things in order. Which would ways put me at ease that I had made the right choice. I've been with them since July of 2016 and so far there has been quite a few changes there always upgrading things and keeping you informed of anything new there developing. They even ask for our opinions if there is anything we would like that we don't have. They recently upgraded all the dashboard and WOW it's even more amazing than it was last year. I have on occasion had a few things go wrong like things appearing where they shouldn't! Or extra menus that seem to magically appear, but one simple email and poof it's all sorted and never comes back. I would say the support is FANTASTIC and if I ever need help I know they will be there when I'm in need. Which can be quite often (sorry guys) ???? If your like I was and shopping around for a different platform then I would not hesitate to recommend zpecommerce I know I will be carrying on my subscription this year and many years to come! Providing they will still have me....lol ???? Thanks Bev on the cake front
Bev hunter

I have to say a massive thank you to the team for all their help and support and most of all their patience. I just had a stressful, nightmare week and they helped me through it all and thanks to their help have now got my store up and running at long last. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing e-commerce, excellent service.
Lynne M Parry

Absolutely First Class

I run a small business producing personalised greeting cards via the usual online shopping sites. However, I wanted to create my own website to improve my business and to provide a better service to customers.

I was having a great deal of difficulty finding a decent, reliable and fairly priced E-Commerce website provider.....that was until I discoverd ZPeCommerce ! After thoroughly scrutinising their website and what they were all about and the services they provided, I tentatively hit the button which shows pricing structures expecting them to be ridiculously overpriced. I was wrong !
The pricing structure is absolutely spot on for a small business such as mine and I was more than impressed and after forming comparisons with other providers I decided to give them a try.

All I can say is Wow ! The website template choice is amazing as are all of the customisations to really make the website my own. There is no complicated coding to get involved with and the fact that all templates are mobile responsive too make this the perfect website.

Adding products is a snip and as I provide personalied gifts I needed something that had a personalisation form to be filled in by customers before they order and these ZPeCommerce has it......in fact they have it all.

As a newbie, yes I have hit snags as I have learnt to build the site but getting in touch with their support left me speechless. Unlike other support facilities I have been in touch with before, I am always receiving very fast, reliable and excellent responses and every single time they have resolved my problems straight away.

I have definately made the right decision in choosing ZPeCommerce and will never ever consider leaving them. I feel `Safe` knowing my website is always being looked after if I am unable to sort something out.

They also have an amazing array of tools such as E-Mail client as part of the package, a domain name with hosting, a superb SEO Tools suite, Social Media integration tools....I don`t know where to stop !

I for one am more than impressed and their pricing has not hit me in the pocket at all and as a small buisness owner, this means an awful lot.

It is as if they have put a great deal of thought into looking after budgets of all sizes and have accomodated very well indeed.

If you are looking for your all in one solution for your E-Commerce website then don`t look anywhere else......ZPeCommerce are definately the way to go, you will not be sorry.

I absolutley love them and they have a customer here for many many years to come.
Anthony Phillips , Swansea

A very professional and efficient company

I have several businesses and over the past years have used a few different ecommerce companies, which I have found very expensive. At the end of 2015 I decided to open another business called Pendique, selling floating charm living memory lockets and did not want to make the same mistakes as previous, so I began researching the internet for the best provider.

I came across ZPecommerce and was extremely surprised to find they offer everything I required at a fantastic price also. I immediately proceeded to set up my new website under ZPcommerce and was up and running within 24 hours. Their platform is very easy to use and not complicated like other ecommerce providers.

You have a great choice of templates to choose from and everything can be tailored to your requirements. The staff are all very friendly and very helpful. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they always listen to customer feedback to help improve and develop their business even further.

ZPecommerce are a very professional and efficient company who definitely know their stuff in the ecommerce industry. I would highly recommend them to everyone and I now also have moved my other business website over to ZPecommerce.
Nicola Yates , Greater Manchester

The best software for online retail!!

I have been with ZP from day one and have been there to watch them grow and help with suggestions. No job too big or small. Also love a challenge and I have given them quite a lot! I researched other companies and for some but not all of the functionality of ZP we were quoted £20,000!!! Love this family business. Thank you for all you do at all hours and days of the week! Love Amber X
Marie Clarke , Essex

Best Online Store Builder

I have used a few online store and market builders in the past and all have been ridiculously expensive, one even charged around £700 for 6 months so finding ZPeCommerce was a blessing.

Their price is brilliant and the customer service is excellent, they always respond promptly. The store its self has tonnes of features and is easy to use. I especially like the many built in payment gateways. I don't know how they can offer so many features, including SSL and domain for so little but its great. I would highly recommend!
Bev Oliver , Cheshire

A True Website Builder

I have used a loads of online website builders in the past and never do what you want them to do, i stumbled across Zpecommerce one day and thought i would give it a shot, Oh my i was impressed with what you can do with this web builder, the variations is outstanding and so many options available to you for such an affordable price, this is a company that does not rip you off.

The customer service is outstanding and cant praise them enough, they always respond promptly and reply to everything you send them. The store has so many functions and configuration options i am amazed and blown away. I would highly recommend.
Andy Mcknight , Ipswich

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