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I used ZPeCommerce for a long time a few years back and now I am back with them (so happy to be back).

My partner at the time became very ill and I had to kind of put my business on a bit of a back burner, I used a freebie site until I had more time to focus on my business. Sadly my partner passed away so I decided to sell my jewellery business and start a new venture.

I have come back to ZPeCommerce and so happy that I have, the guys have been great getting my new site how I like it, always quick to help. Customer service is fantastic and so many changes have taken place within the platform itself since re-using it.

I highly recommend ZPeCommerce the software is easy to use, the software is also advancing and lots of new features added and coming.

If you are looking for a great website platform, fab value for money and great service, then use ZPeCommerce, you will not be disappointed.

Ps. I ranked high on Google when I used them previously.

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