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I just wanted to leave a great review ...

I just wanted to leave a great review ...

07 March 2018 09:09

I just wanted to leave a great review for this these guys! The customer service from ZP is second to none and email replies are incredibly quick. The only thing that would be quicker would be a live chat system but if they haven't got the dedicated man power then this might not be possible. The site is very powerful and lets the average Joe with a very minimal computer / website knowledge upload and list times for sale, its VERY user friendly. We've been using ZP for a number of years with different stores and the constant updates are very good making it easier all the time. The recent 2.0 update is a huge transformation which unlocks many more useful features. I know it may sound a bit full tilt but its the genuine truth and I could not recommend using their service enough! If you're looking for a 'one stop shop' excuse the pun, then start a free trial!!

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