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Setting up an online store for an ecommerce business can be a real headache. You'll have to think about everything from the length, and costly, designing of a site through to hosting solutions and so much more. Wasn't it supposed to be all so easy - getting online in a short time and starting selling your way to success? Now, thankfully, it can be. The ZPeCommerce way.

Budding entrepreneurs and existing business owners can get a free ecommerce store with ZPeCommerce that will have them online and selling in a flash. Browse sample stores that are the best fit for your enterprise - from clothing to gifts, tools, drinks and just about anything else - and get your very own online property that would set you back tens of thousands of pounds if it were specially created for you by a digital agency.

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E-commerce store owners who use sensible ZPeCommerce solutions can enjoy a full range of functionality that will allow visitors to browse your products with ease and features a robust shopping cart that will guide customers to the checkout and help them make their purchases.


I have been in ecommerce since 2012, I was previously with a different company and back in 2016 I went looking for a better platform as the company I was with was so expensive and I didn't have enough product slot to display everything that we sell. I contacted zpecommerce and asked a few questions to begin with regarding switching over to them, packages, prices, ease of use etc. If I was going to change platforms I wanted something that would be straight forward but would help me along the way if I got stuck. I initially started with a trial store so I could start the migration of my products and play around with the software and see how I felt about it to get a better idea of how the process would work. At the time I had 300 products and all the usual pages that go with running an eccommerce store, delivery details, shipping etc. I got straight forward answers to my question and anything I didn't understand I asked further and they helped me every time via email. I gave the platform a good trial run for about 4 weeks as I wanted to make sure I could work with it and it would work for me. I had been with my other platform for 4 years so I could do everything on there in my sleep, so I was a little worried that I would be offline for a while when I decided to take the plunge to swap to zpecommerce. Now I'm not going to pretend it all went smoothly and I just had to click one button and everything magically appeared there. It still took a good week to get everything in order and put thing in categories and get it looking the way I wanted so it was at least functional until I could work on it in the background. But when I emailed often in a frantic panic they were there every time emailing me back and helping me to put things in order. Which would ways put me at ease that I had made the right choice. I've been with them since July of 2016 and so far there has been quite a few changes there always upgrading things and keeping you informed of anything new there developing. They even ask for our opinions if there is anything we would like that we don't have. They recently upgraded all the dashboard and WOW it's even more amazing than it was last year. I have on occasion had a few things go wrong like things appearing where they shouldn't! Or extra menus that seem to magically appear, but one simple email and poof it's all sorted and never comes back. I would say the support is FANTASTIC and if I ever need help I know they will be there when I'm in need. Which can be quite often (sorry guys) ???? If your like I was and shopping around for a different platform then I would not hesitate to recommend zpecommerce I know I will be carrying on my subscription this year and many years to come! Providing they will still have me....lol ???? Thanks Bev on the cake front
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